Thanks to Creative Loafing for putting us on their list of best albums from 2017:

19. A Drug Called Tradition | Medicine Music (Psych Army Intergalactic)
Following the dissolution of heavy psych outfit Abby GoGo in 2014, singer/guitarist Bon Allinson joined forces with drummer Puma Navarro and bass player Asha Lakra to form psychedelic shoegaze group A Drug Called Tradition. The group debuted its Medicine Music LP in late July and the album delivers, for all intents and purposes, a lethal dose of fuzzed-out reverb over steady grooves that balance soul, Southern rock, and mind-bending reverb and distortion. Medicine Music begins with “With You Miss You,” a mid-tempo, tremolo-fueled number with telltale washed out vocals. The album follows one man’s journey driving through the desert in a rundown minivan, chain-smoking Marlboro Reds as he loses sight of the world by delving into introspection. The album balances upbeat and somber tracks such as “Again and Again” and the piquing dislocation in “Depression Stone.” Medicine Music is full of hypnotic swagger and wanderlust that’s restrained only enough for listeners to join the trip, get lost in the outskirts, and maybe find themselves returning a little more at ease. — Aja Arnold

Thanks to Chad Radford and Creative Loafing for the great video premiere and review:

A Drug Called Tradition was on Closer Look with Rose Scott on 90.1 WABE. Click on the link to check it out. They play our music throughout our show and our interview and a live version of “Goin’ Down Alone This Time” by Bon is featured at the end:

Song Premiere: A Drug Called Tradition “With You Miss You”

Song Premiere: A Drug Called Tradition – “Goin’ Down Alone This Time”